What Makes A Beautiful Wedding Photo?

There are many reasons why couples love Grandeur Wedding Studio – they take amazingly beautiful wedding photographs (you can check out their website www.grandeurweddingstudio.com to find out what I mean).

However, what makes their wedding images so special is really because of their tremendous focus on capturing posed images with natural emotions as well as higher colour saturation when it comes to the photographs. Here’s why it looks so good.

When the images are not posed, the couples may look awkward because they may be standing in a weird, uncomfortably position at that particular moment. Although some ‘photographers’ claim being captured in a natural pose makes for a beautiful photograph, I strongly disagree with that. I think the pose must be comfortable and specially held there.

Next of all, even though I recommend standing in a good pose, I do not recommend holding a smile for long periods of time. In fact, it’s important to first get the couple to loosen up, and when they’re laughing and joking as though the wedding photographer is not there, and they’re behaving like they usually would without anyone looking, that is the period of time where they would be most comfortable. At this point in time, a professional and good wedding photographer like Grandeur Wedding Studio’s photographers will then ask the couple to suddenly keep a particular pose. This ensures that the couple will be in a beautiful pose while still retaining the great and lovely emotions they were experiencing just seconds prior to this. This is a big key to great wedding photography. Only the best in Singapore are able to take such images for couples.

Finally, no matter how much emotions the bridal photographer captures, it is not nice unless the photographs’ color saturation is also sufficiently high. This is because the perfect lighting cannot possibly be achieved under every circumstance even with all the different high tech equipment. Hence, the photographer will usually enhance the color saturation upon editing of the images and that will make the colors on the photographs look really vivid. This is why you often see super vivid and beautiful wedding photographs after the company or studio has edited them.

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