ROM bridal photography and videography

When someone mentions bridal photography and videography, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I’m sure most of you will think of the actual day wedding photography and videography. You will probably be imagining the wedding photographers and videographers running around the wedding banquet ballroom busy following the bride and groom, taking photographs and videos of them. The second thing on your mind would be the pre wedding photography and videography. This may be because you will always see the wedding couples’ pre wedding album placed on the reception table outside of the wedding banquet ballroom during the actual wedding day.

But is bridal photography and videography limited to these two events (pre wedding and actual day wedding) only?

The answer is no!

There is also ROM bridal photography and videography services available to people. In terms of popularity, many people would prefer hiring photographers and videographers for their pre wedding and actual day wedding. This may be because they value the significance of the pre wedding and actual day wedding event being higher than the ROM event. I would think otherwise.

I always thought that the ROM event is the most significant event to the wedding couple. ROM is the event which formally signifies the marriage of the wedding couple, and is witnessed by all their family members and close friends. It is the first big event in the wedding couples’ journey together. It will be a waste to miss taking precious photographs of the atmosphere and moments of the ROM ceremony. During the pre wedding shoot and actual day wedding event, the wedding couples and their family members may be putting on a front to look good in front of their guests and cameras. However, during the ROM event, as the reality of the wedding couple being officially married sunk into their heads, true emotions spurred at the moment can be hard to contain and naturally flow out. It’s when you can see wedding couples and parents drop tears of joy naturally.

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3 Responses to ROM bridal photography and videography

  1. jam says:

    Is ROM photography packages popular? How much is it?

  2. Richard says:

    As a fellow photographer, I can attest to hte fact that many Singapore couples are increasingly preferring ROM bridal photography & videography compared to a few years back when most couples didn’t even consider or know about ROM services.

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