You Should Take Pre-Wedding Videos Too!

On top of the usual wedding photographs that I encourage all couples to go for, I would highly recommend you to pick up a wedding video package too. This is because Singapore has several really good wedding studios like, and by taking a video with a company like theirs, you are able to go above and beyond most other couples!

Just watch the following video later. Most couples that go for wedding films actually only hire a videographer for their actual day wedding ceremony to capture the day’s happening. However, I recommend you to go for pre-wedding videography if you want to really capture fun and excitement and keep making you and your spouse interested in each other and loving each other always because you always created such fun memories with each other.

Just check out the following video – Renjith and Ginju look like they had TONS of fun filming the following wedding video xD I love how it looks like they’re the James bond couple out of a Bollywood movie taken in Singapore. It’s amazing and exciting to film such a video (from my point of view as a professional photographer and occasional videographer) and I strongly believe that the couple must feel WAY more excited to see the final product (a lovely pre-wedding film and movie that the couple will love to watch and let their children watch for the rest of their lives).

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  1. ranju says:

    haha, that pre-wedding film definitely looks like a bollywood production! Very amazingly put together. Thanks for the great embed and share, Kranky!

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