Actual Day Wedding Photography – What To Expect

If you have not yet already engaged AD wedding photography services in Singapore and you have less than 2 months to your wedding, hurry! Otherwise your favorite wedding photographer or bridal studio might not be available for booking on your actual day. Most studios have bookings up to 1 year in advance, and so you should better hurry.

Here are some things to expect for your AD photography in Singapore. First and foremost, you should appoint either a bridesmaid or best man to help you and your fiance point out to the wedding photographer who are the important people at the wedding event whom you want to be photographed. There are definitely people like your best friends or parents whom you want photographed more often than other ‘random’ people at your weddings, and these are things that you need someone’s help for to point out to the engaged AD wedding photographer.

Secondly, the wedding photographer may or may not have a car. Please kindly check with them and make the necessary arrangements e.g. catering a space in a car for him or her so that his or her travelling will be smooth for your AD photo shoot.

Third of all, not every single actual day wedding photographer in Singapore will actually provide a same day edit video or photo montage for viewing during your dinner banquet. Make sure to clarify such things or you may get a nasty surprise on the actual day of your wedding – and you certainly don’t want that to happen to you or your fiance!

Fourthly, there are some exotic places which strictly prohibits photography for whatever reason. Make sure to check out whether the location is suitable for wedding photography, or if you’re not sure, to check this out with the actual day wedding photography studio or photographer. Clarify such legal things before proceeding.

Your wedding photographer is not a superman. If you want a video shot at your wedding too, engage the wedding photography studio’s videographer services and don’t be a scrooge. He can’t possibly take both photographs and videos at the same time.

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