Finding The Perfect Wedding photographer

It can be really difficult but every couple wants to find the perfect wedding photographer Singapore. Here are some tips and my two cents on finding the perfect photographer for your wedding.

First and foremost, if you don’t like the quality and type of wedding photographs that a particular photographer has taken – do NOT try him or her out. Wedding photography is not something that you can repeat easily. Don’t risk using a wedding photographer you don’t really like for the sake of saving a few hundred dollars. Always pick a wedding photographer based on quality first – then price and other considerations. Only shortlist those Singapore wedding photographers whose bridal images portfolio you truly love. You should shortlist around 2-3 wedding photographers.

Secondly, ask them about their packages and take note of the kind of services that they provide. Some wedding photographers in Singapore might provide transport and make up services free of charge while others might charge for some of these services. Always ask and do not assume anything when it comes to something so important. All these little costs will add up to a significant amount if it is not revealed early on and you keep requesting for their services.

Thirdly, talk to them. There are some photographers who are very passive while others are very initiated. Some of them would constantly suggest poses and locations to go for your AD or pre-wedding photoshoot. However, others would be passive and simply wait for your instructions. You can usually tell these biases even before officially engaging them. Some couples prefer a more initiated wedding photographer while other couples prefer to have the bridal photographers take pictures of what they want.

Finally, when you talk to the wedding photographer, you would also get a better sense of what kind of personality he or she has. Sometimes, some people just cannot work with certain other people. Make sure that both you and your fiance are able to communicate with the wedding photographer.

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