Engage A Wedding Photography Studio Vs Photographer

Here’s why you should engage a wedding photography studio in Singapore.

First of all, Singapore has a lot of talented wedding photographers. These wedding photographers either work for a wedding photography studio in Singapore or they might simply be sole proprietors running their own business. All of them are pretty talented, but I would suggest to you to find and work with a studio instead of a single Singapore wedding photographer. When you engage a studio, you need to know that you’re engaging a company with at least a handful of wedding photographers – you’re never really engaging just one photographer (who doubles as an editor and salesperson). The danger with engaging just a sole proprietor photographer is that he or she has limited time and has to deal with too many things. When this happens, the level of customer service support provided by them will definitely be limited. Additionally, if he or she falls ill accidentally, he or she would not be able to take wedding photographs for you, and he or she may need to engage a replacement. It’s ok if the wedding photographer in Singapore engage a replacement photographer – but the issue is that you do not necessarily know the quality of the replacement. However, when it comes to a wedding photography studio in Singapore, you can rest assured that the quality of whichever bridal photographer they assign to you will be up to the standards of the studio (which you have already verified from their website portfolio).

Second of all, a wedding photographer in Singapore might not have customer service support as good as that of a wedding photography studio. This is because a photographer may not be able to handle all the customers possible in Singapore – therefore, he does not need to provide stellar services to generate lots of word of mouth marketing. He just needs a little amount of it before all his time will be filled up performing wedding photo shoots for his customers. However, a wedding photography studio will be more ambitious and want aggressive growth through marketing and word of mouth efforts. To achieve that, their quality and customer service support has to be absolutely excellent. This is another reason why I recommend couples looking to take their wedding photo shoots in Singapore to engage a studio instead of a single photographer. This is a reason that few people think of but is an extremely valid concern and point.

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